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Hariyo ‘Beebach’ Wibisono


A well-rounded conservation practitioner with more than 25 years of professional experience, grew up from a field-based project manager to be a renowned conservation scientist and senior manager. As a practitioner, his leading roles at national level has been proven through his significant contribution in the development of national policies, including the National Tiger Strategic and Action Plan (2007) and the National Tiger Recovery Program (2010). At international level, he is an active member of the IUCN Cat Specialist Group since 2010 (www.catsg.org) and one of the assessors for the IUCN Red List of the Sumatran tiger (2008) and global tiger (2015) conservation status. He has a solid experience in managing a large number of employees (up to 120 people) and projects (up to 25 field projects) with both national and international organizations. In 2018, he established his own NGO, Sintas Indonesia Foundation, aimed to promote national leadership in conserving wildlife and wild habitat in Indonesia. In his professional career, he has led numerous program developments for his organizations through proposal developments of both small and large grants. His recent leading role in program development are the development of the granted IUCN/KfW ITHCP project titled Safeguarding Indonesia’s Priority Tiger Conservation Landscapes (€2 million, 2 years; https://www.iucn.org/theme/species/our-work/action-ground/integrated-tiger-habitatconservation- programme) and the approved GEF/UNDP project proposal titled (US$ 1.7 million, 4 years) Transforming Effectiveness of Biodiversity Conservation in Priority Sumatran Landscapes in Kerinci Seblat (https://www.thegef.org/project/transformingeffectiveness- biodiversity-conservation-priority-sumatran-landscapes). As a scientist, his skills and knowledge has been proven through his contribution as lead and co-author of several scientific publications in major peer-reviewed international journals (https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Hariyo_Wibisono/publications).

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