Padang, 5 – 6 July 2021 – SINTAS Indonesia facilitated a training on Modelling Potential Release Site Using Historical Dataset for Sumatran Tiger for 10 officers from several regional conservation sections of BKSDA Sumatera Barat (Natural Resources Conservation Agency of West Sumatra). This training was carried out at the BKSDA Sumatera Barat office with hybrid system (in person and online).

The main objective was to increase the capacity of BKSDA Sumatera Barat officers to model potential release sites for Sumatran tiger in scientific manner so that relocation or translocation of problem tigers can be more efficient. Participants were very enthusiastic because, prior to the training, it required a substantial amount of time to determine the release sites before the animals were released back into their habitat. The modelling approach thought in the training offers a more sensible, timely, and ecologically acceptable way to determine the release sites for Sumatran tiger. Techniques thought in the training included introduction of point pattern analysis, correction of auto correlation, and species distribution modelling. In practice, BKSDA staff are also be taught to use ArcGIS software, SDM Tools, and Maximum Entropy software.

“Species distribution modelling techniques provide a flexibility for conservation practitioners to fill the technical gaps in wildlife management. We managed to simply combine these techniques to help the BKSDA Sumatera Barat in identifying potential release sites for Sumatran tigers,” said Adinda Putri, Program Officer of SINTAS Indonesia.

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