Sintas Indonesia Foundation has been registered in a crowdfunding platform called “GlobalGiving”. It’s a great opportunity for us to grow our conservation program to be self-sustained.
We will help the government of Indonesia to strengthen the conservation of Sumatran tiger by mobilizing civil societies and local tribes to secure the Sumatran tigers from snares through extensive footwork snare sweeping in Sumatran tiger landscapes.
With only 10 dollars, more snares can be removed from the forest.
Dedicated snare-removal patrols will better protect the Sumatran tiger for its long-term survival.


The clandestine nature of snaring has undermined efforts to control the complex consequences of this poaching crisis. Insatiable demand in East Asia and rapidly expanding agricultural frontiers in previously remote areas has led to intensive snaring, with devastating impacts on tigers. Once captured, tigers may resort to self-mutilation (chewing through an ensnared limb) in their desperate attempt to escape. However, a slow tortuous death is more common.


With more equipment and funds, more snares can be removed from the forest. More snare-removal patrols surveys will lead to better protection, which tigers are dependent upon for survival. Solutions will come with 1) Implementation of a standardized monitoring program to remove snares and track poachers; and 2) Introduction of a community outreach program. In areas bordering tiger habitat, outreach is urgently needed to explain snaring risks and discuss the importance of tiger conservation.

Long-Term Impact

Our forested study areas provide a valuable buffer against emerging zoonotic diseases, which are largely driven by land-use change and ecological degradation. In the devastating wake of COVID-19, considerable attention has been directed toward the role of intact habitats in reducing pathways of zoonotic pathogen spillover. Therefore, the Sumatran rangers represent one of the first lines of defense against not only snare-setting poachers but also illegal wildlife trade and disease spillover.

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