This handy pocketbook created with specific aim to recall and reconnect the traditional values between community and Sumatran tigers.

This book will deliver us to the fact that Sumatra landscape is home for tigers and other living things and have a fundamental role on culture and society.

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Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the adorable marbled cat!
Hai #sakiSINTAS !
Ada yang penasaran nih sama benda yang terpasang di batang pohon.
Jenis kamera pengintai yang di pasang di Ekosistem Leuser ini memang hanya dikhususkan untuk mengambil gambar. Meski begitu, ketika ada satwa yang asik berlama-lama di depan kamera, kita seakan melihat video stop motion dengan satwa liar sebagai bintang tamunya. Kali ini mari kita sambut si kucing batu yang menggemaskan~
Hi #sakiSINTAS!
Someone’s being so curious about something that’s mounted to a tree trunk!
The camera trap that was installed in the Leuser Ecosystem is specifically for taking pictures. Even so, when there’s animals having fun lingering in front of the camera, it feels like we’re seeing a stop motion video with wild animals as guest stars. This time it’s the adorable marbled cat.
#marbledcat #wildlife #wildcat #saveindonesianwildcats

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