Panthera Camera Trap

Training on Camera Trap Survey for Sumatran Wild Cats

Tapaktuan, 10 – 11 July 2021 – SINTAS Indonesia and Leuser Conservation Forum (FKL) are working together to strengthen the conservation of Sumatran wild cats that is effective and replicable for protection forests in Sumatra. Supported by PANTHERA, the program covers a buffer zone of the Leuser Ecosystem through applied research, conservation practice, and outreach. Before carrying out activities in the field, it is necessary to build the capacity of the field team in various techniques on field data collection. Therefore, SINTAS Indonesia facilitated a training on camera trap survey technique for 20 field team members from FKL. This in person training was carried out at Dian Rana Hotel Hall, Tapaktuan, Aceh.

The main objectives of the training was to make sure that the camera trap placement and data management are carried out following a standard protocol provided by SINTAS and PANTHERA. FKL has established three new survey teams, each consisting of six members from FKL (4 members) and Forest Management Unit (2 members). Participants were very enthusiastic knowing that the camera trap devices were different from those they usually used in their previous surveys. The camera relies more on technology and the manual is presented in English, causing some communication problems. However, it did not affect the participants spirit in learning such new things.

“We overcame such language problem by translating the manual into Indonesia language”, said Meidina Fitriana, the Liaison Officer of SINTAS Indonesia for the program.