IUCN The Red List of Threatened Species 2022

IUCN The Red List of Threatened Species

Goodrich, J., Wibisono, H., Miquelle, D., Lynam, A.J., Sanderson,
E., Chapman, S., Gray, T.N.E., Chanchani, P. & Harihar, A. Panthera tigris in The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2022.

The tiger has been reassessed, with new figures revealing that there are currently between 3,726 and 5,578 tigers in the wild worldwide. The 40% increase since the last tiger assessment in 2015 is the result of improvements in monitoring, showing that there are more tigers than previously thought, and the number of tigers globally appears to be stable or increasing. While this reassessment confirms that the tiger remains Endangered on the IUCN Red List, the population trend indicates that projects such as the IUCN Integrated Tiger Habitat Conservation Programme are succeeding and recovery is possible as long as conservation efforts continue.

Major threats include poaching of tigers, poaching and hunting of their prey, and habitat fragmentation and destruction due to the growing pressures of agriculture and human settlement. Expanding and connecting protected areas, ensuring they are effectively managed, and working with local communities living in and around tiger habitats, are critical to protect the species.

Photo by SINTAS Indonesia, Forum Konservasi Leuser, and Panthera

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