Andjar Rafiastanto

Board Member

One of Indonesia’s leading senior experts on community forest management and forest and wildlife ecology, with over 3 years of experience within Indonesia’s leading landscape-based conservation organization working to introduce site-level conservation approaches, establish permanent plots in Berbak-Sembiland national park, and map and monitor peatlands emissions in national parks.

A forester specializing in bio-carbon sciences, with an expert understanding of the policy, regulatory and enforcement efforts required to improve sustainable forest management, and the evidence base needed to drive critical policy reform.

Significant experience and proven leadership in managing multi-year projects, project operations, and capacity building, including recent experience of facilitating and driving the growth of one of Indonesia’s leading conservation organizations.

Excellent experience designing and delivering initiatives engaging palm oil, mining, and industrial forestry companies to implement sustainable management through the identification of High Conservation Value areas and the development of management plans.

Over 12 years of experience of designing and delivering initiatives to improve conservation area management, including leading work to develop forest management plans, designing national action plans for large Indonesian mammals and developing and improving land-cover classification systems.

Highly respected and extremely well connected, with excellent existing networks throughout the Government of Indonesia, with particularly strong networks within Ministry of Environment and Forestry.