COMMON NAME : Asiatic Golden Cat / Kucing emas

SCIENTIFIC NAME : Catopuma temminckii

TYPE : Mammals

DIET : Carnivore

SIZE : Head and body: 2.1 to 3.4 foot, Tail: up to 1.8 foot

WEIGHT : 19.8 to 35.2 pounds

IUCN RED LIST STATUS : Near Threatened

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Elusive Golden Cat

Asiatic golden cat is a medium sized cat with relatively uniform, typically reddish-brown coloring on main coat, white underbelly, and slightly speckled legs and chest. Color varieties include melanistic (black) individuals. Dark brown stripes on forehead, white chin, and white striped ceeks. The tail is long and often curved, with distally white underside and darker tip. The species has a body weighing of 9-16 kg, body length of 66-105 cm, and tail length of 40-57 cm (Mossbrucker, 2020).

Habitat and Ecology

Asiatic golden cat usually associated with forested habitats, including dry deciduous forest, evergreen forest, and tropical rainforest (Sunquist and Sunquist, 2002). Asiatic golden cat also occurs in a wide range of altitudes, from lowland areas to mountainsides. Although mostly found in forests, there are also records in relatively open land and even in degraded areas. The species thought to feed mainly on small animals such as rodents and birds, though it occasionally takes larger prey such as small deer. Often diurnal, with few records during the night, dusk, and dawn (Mossbrucker, 2020).

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