Local Engagement

Socialization of Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation in 6 Villages in Agam District, West Sumatra

18 – 20 August 2021, BKSDA Sumatera Barat (Natural Resources Conservation Agency of West Sumatra) and SINTAS Indonesia Foundation (SINTAS) socialized a conflict mitigation between human and wildlife and protected plants in six villages in Agam Regency, West Sumatra. The socialization was carried involving 30 participants, each from Matua Hilia, Tigo Balai, Sipinang, Baringin, Sungai Puar, and Koto Rantang, from village officials, Badan Musyawarah (Bamus, treaty deliberation), heads of neighborhoods, Kerapatan Adat Nagari (i.e., village custom association), PORBI (Pig Hunting Association), PERBAKIN (Indonesia Shooting and Hunting Association), and local villagers.

The socializations were held to anticipate the high level of human-wildlife conflicts which often lead to cost of both the human and the wildlife life. In West Sumatra, the role of local community living in conflict-prone villages is crucial to assist the BKSDA West Sumatra in reducing the impact negative of human – wildlife interaction. This activity aims to make people living in conflict-prone locations know what to do when there is a conflict between humans and wildlife, reporting and handling flows that can be done, and being able to protect wild plants and animals in the forest adjacent to the community settlements. As a follow up, SINTAS will assist BKSDA West Sumatra to establish and operate community patrol groups in several predicted conflict hotspots to improve the management of Sumatran tiger and wildlife in West Sumatra province.

“Hopefully, the socialization can improve the management of human – wildlife conflicts in West Sumatra and provide new insights for the community to be involved in human – wildlife conflict mitigation efforts,” said Ade Putra, head of the Agam BKSDA Resort.