Panthera tigris: IUCN Red List status update

John Goodrich, Hariyo T. Wibisono, Dale Miquelle, Antony J. Lynam, Eric W. Sanderson, Stuart Chapman, Thomas N. E. Gray, Pranav Chanchani and Abishek Harihar. 2022. Short Communication, CATnews, 76.


We re-assessed tigers Panthera tigris for the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, classifying them as Endangered based on an estimated decline of >50% over 3 generations (21–30 years), with an estimated 4,485 (3,726–5,578) tigers in the wild. However, data suggest that the population is likely stabilizing or even increasing in some places – a considerable conservation achievement. Still, tigers occupy only about 7% of their historic range and only about 45% of existing habitat, with roughly 1 million square kilometer of habitat that is void of tigers due to poaching for illegal trade and loss of prey. Tiger numbers have increased in South Asia, appear stable in North-east Asia, but declines continue in South-east Asia. Future, recovery efforts must continue to focus on increasing tiger numbers, while also repopulating unoccupied tiger habitats.
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