Better knowledge for better management-Javan leopard is downlisted to Endangered

Erwin Wilianto, D. Aulia Rahman, D. Satya Chandradewi, I. M. R. Pinondang, H. T. Wibisono. 2021. CATnews 74.


The latest assessment of the Javan leopard Panthera pardus melas for the IUCN Red List of Threatened SpeciesTM resulted on revised categorization of the species from Critically Endangered (CR) to Endangered (EN). This downlisting was defined based on better information and data quality about the geographical distribution, population size, and threats. However, this re-categorization of the status does not necessarily imply an improvement in population conditions and decreased threats, nor is it evidence of the conservation intervention success. This can also be seen from the fact, that the Javan leopard is very close to classify for Critically Endangered under criterion C2a(i) (small population size and decline, and small subpopulation size). We believe that the condition of the leopard in the wild is not yet viable and the level of threat is still at a concerning level. Therefore, it must be monitored and reassessed periodically, using new information as a basis for planning and implementing the necessary interventions.
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Photo by Meru Betiri National Park and SINTAS Indonesia