Pocket Book: Hiduik Badakekan jo Inyiak Balang

The Sumatran tiger is subspecies of the tiger and native to Indonesia and currently have critically endangered status. Meanwhile in West Sumatra, tigers are commonly called “Inyiak” which mean the elders or the keepers. 

Those placed the tigers in important role in Minang social and culture. We can see the ancestors demonstrate the profound value to living harmony side by side with wildlife including tigers.

This handy pocketbook created with specific aim to recall and reconnect the traditional values between community and Sumatran tigers. 

This book will deliver us to the fact that Sumatra landscape is home for tigers and other living things and have a fundamental role on culture and society. At one time, this comprehensive book could remain a reference of an alternative approach in addressing the human-tiger conflict and reduce the catastrophic levels.

Optimistically, this pocketbook will be one step ahead to put the coexistence of people and tiger at the core of our culture value.

Enjoy our free PDF-Pocketbook!

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