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Balancing Act: Sharing Space with Tigers in West Sumatera

While a large portion of the Sumatran tiger population lives within the protection of national parks, up to 70 percent of Sumatran tiger habitat lies outside this protected area network. This means that substantial numbers of Sumatran tigers may live in heavily isolated, non-protected, marginal habitats—leading to a high incidence of interaction with people. Agriculture, […]

An Island-Wide Status of Sumatran tiger (Panthera Tigris Sumatrae) and Principal Prey in Sumatra, Indonesia

Wibisono Hariyo T.Doctoral Dissertations. Abstract A multilateral effort to establish priorities for global tiger conservation identified 76 Tiger Conservation Landscapes throughout the 13 tiger range countries, 12 are in Sumatra, Indonesia. Despite this designation of conservation landscapes, the status of the Sumatran tiger population is still in question, as existing range-wide density estimates were derived […]

Regaining Ground

After more than two decades of being classified as Critically Endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), populations of Sumatran tigers Panthera tigris sumatrae continue their decline, driven by illegal poaching and retaliatory killing due to conflict with local communities. Meanwhile, rapid forest loss has left tiger habitat fragmented. Industrial-scale agriculture, the main driver […]

The Conservation Value of Forest Fragments in The Increasingly Agrarian Landscape of Sumatra

Weiskopf S. R, J. L. McCarthy, K. P. McCarthy, A. N. Shiklomanov, H. T. Wibisono, W. Pusparini.2019. Environmental Conservation. Abstract Destruction of tropical rainforests reduces many unprotected habitats to small fragments of remnant forests within agricultural matrices. To date, these remnant forest fragments have been largely disregarded as wildlife habitat, and little is known about […]

Identifying Priority Conservation Landscapes and Actions for The Critically Endangered Javan Leopard in Indonesia: Conserving The Last Large Carnivore in Java Island

Wibisono H. T.,H. A. Wahyudi, E. Wilianto, I. M. R. Pinondang, M. Primajati, D. Liswanto, M. Linkie.2018. PLoSOne, 13:1-13. Abstract With the extirpation of tigers from the Indonesian island of Java in the 1980s, the endemic and Critically Endangered Javan leopard is the island’s last remaining large carnivore. Yet despite this, it has received little […]

Examining The Shifting Patterns of Poaching from A Long-Term Law Enforcement Intervention in Sumatra

Risdianto, D., D. J. Martyr, R. T. Nugrah., A. Harihar, H. T. Wibisono, I. A. Haidir, D. W. MacDonald, N. D’Cruize, M. Linkie. 2016. Biological Conservation. Abstract Current levels of illegal wildlife trade for many in-demand species are unsustainable and place them at a heightened risk of extinction. While several Asian protected areas standout for […]

Assessing The Distribution and Habitat Use of Four Felid Species in Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, Sumatra, Indonesia

McCarthy J., H. T. Wibiono, K. P. McCarthy, T. K. Fuller, N. Andayani. 2014. Global Ecology and Conservation, 3: 210-221. Abstract There have been few targeted studies of small felids in Sumatra and there is little information on their ecology. As a result there are no specific management plans for the species on Sumatra. We […]

Small and Medium Sized Cats in Gunung Leuser National Park, Sumatra, Indonesia

Pusparini W., H. T. Wibisono, G. V. Reddy, B. P. Bharata.2014. Catnews, 8: 4-11. Abstract Small and medium cat diversity and spatio-temporal distribution in Gunung Leuser National Park, Sumatra, Indonesia, was recorded between March and October 2010. A pair of infra-red cameras was set up in each of the 68 locations resulting in 54 independent […]

Landscape-Level Assessment of the Distribution of the Sumatran Rhinoceros in Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, Sumatra

Pusparini W., H. T. Wibisono.2013. Pachyderm, North America, 53:59-65. Abstract We conducted the first systematic survey on Sumatran rhinoceros following a robust patch occupancy framework in 3,500 km2 of Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park (BBSNP), Sumatra, Indonesia. We surveyed 55 grids (72.25 km2) between November 2007 and July 2008 to generate a reliable estimate of […]

Using Camera Trap Photos and Direct Sightings to Identify Possible Refugia for the Sumatran Striped Rabbit Nesolagus Netscheri

McCarthy J. L., T. K. Fuller, K. P. McCarthy, H. T. Wibisono, and M. C. Livolsi. 2011. Oryx, 0(0), 1-4. Abstract The endemic Sumatran striped rabbit Nesolagus netscheri, categorized as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List, is one of the rarest lagomorphs and little is known about its ecology, status or distribution. After nearly a decade […]

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